Who We Are

Who We ArePinpointVPN was created to give you up-to-date information about different VPN providers. We bought every VPN software reviewed on this site and each service is tested by us. We know it´s a wild world out there and VPN market can be even more confusing. There are original services, resellers and so called “service providers” that are subpar to say the least. We can honestly say that we have put hundreds if not thousands of work hours in this site and we review only the most popular VPN services that are worth reviewing. All VPN services reviewed on PinpointVPN have their own strengths and weaknesses and we hope this helps you find the best VPN for your specific needs.Meet Our Team:
author Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh – our site editor and all-round good guy. Has been working on different tech websites as an editor for last 7 years. Makes sure no mistakes are made and everything runs smoothly.

author Dave Palmer

Dave Palmer – helps Nick with editing. In case Nick should make a mistake (which is impossible), Dave is here to rescue the day. You know what´s Dave´s hobby? You guessed it – marketing. Dave loves to promote brands and different SaaS products online and he has been doing it successfully for 5 years.

author Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman – our go-to guy in case we have a more difficult tech question. Knows everything about the modern tech and what goes on behind the curtains. Peter is the perfect person for market research – he has the knowledge, asks the right questions and absolutely loves what he does.

Our Values and Trust:PinpointVPN is dedicated to publishing reviews you can trust. There´s no better feedback than getting thank you e-mails from happy readers. We know choosing the right VPN can be difficult and in some cases may even seem impossible. People are different and so are their expectations. We can assure you – finding a good and reliable VPN client is possible by reading our in-depth reviews. All our reviews and research articles also reflect our values:

  • impartiality – we don´t pick sides. Each VPN service we review on our site is equal in our eyes.
  • honesty – we bring out all the good and the bad we can find. Every service has something that can be improved upon.
  • to-the-point – that´s why we have summaries on our homepage. We try to make every article we write as short as possible and as long as necessary.

One important note that needs to be addressed. If you decide to purchase a VPN service through one of our links, we may earn a commission. This is to keep our site running and pay for server costs. This does NOT however have an impact on how we review the services listed on this site. We stay true to our values and we believe we´re on the right path.Have something on your heart? Use the contact form below. One of our team members will get back to you.