VPN Review Process

VPN Review ProcessWe believe that every review site should follow a certain pattern. It should have a process that helps to keep quality consistent and most of all – it´s better for readers. Having well-structured articles that have a similar layout helps you find important information faster. It´s more efficient, saves you time and makes your life easier.We also want you to know that we have bought and reviewed each and every VPN service mentioned on this site. Credibility of our reviews is important to us and we really try our best to give you as much value as we can. For example here are some invoices for different VPN services mentioned on PinpointVPN:Testing VPN services in a constant environment may seem easy, but to get it right, many parameters need to be checked during the process. Even then, quality fluctuations of different VPN servers come into play and this is something that we can´t control. We can control everything else though and this is why we have a dedicated testing machine that´s always connected to the same Internet connection. Here´s the machine in all its glory (Dell XPS 9570):First of all, we have spent countless of hours searching online, browsing social media and reading forums to find out which VPN services are worth our time. After we made our choice, we then reviewed each and every VPN following the process discussed below.The Process

Purchasing the VPN. We haven´t asked VPN providers for free access, we paid the full price to get the same experience as a regular customer would get. Luckily most VPNs accept online payment solutions like PayPal.


Testing their software and servers. This is the most time-consuming step. We have our own dedicated Dell laptop for in-depth testing, which includes speed tests, IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks and other parameters. Can they really let you stay 100% anonymous? Does it unblock restricted sites/services and remove geo-blocking? We also test their service on different Android and iOS devices.


Ease of use. Is their software easy to use? Is it beginner friendly or maybe too confusing? VPNs can differ quite a bit in usability.


What features does it have? Some VPN services have 10s of features that can be quite useful, for example accessing different streaming websites using only 1 click. On the contrary, some may be missing features that most other service providers offer.


Their privacy and logging policy. A very important aspect for a VPN user. We want to stay anonymous and be sure that our data is in good hands. Vast majority of top VPN providers have no-log policies in place, but even then some of these providers have been caught lying in the past.


Customer support. How fast is their customer support? How can you contact them? Are they any good in dealing with problems or do they even have any technical skills to be of any help? That´s what we try to figure out.