How To Manage Passwords In Chrome
How To Manage Passwords In Chrome

If you’re an Android or Windows user, then you’re probably well acquainted with Google’s Chrome browser. In terms of overall safety, security, speed… Read the article >>

How To Manage Passwords In Safari
How To Manage Passwords In Safari

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What Is Intrusive Adware
What Is Intrusive Adware?

Adware… at one point or another, we’ve all experienced it. One day, everything is fine and we’re going about our business browsing as usual. The next… Read the article >>

Cambridge Analytica
Dangers of Big Data

As you likely guessed from our name, we here at PinpointVPN are huge fans of VPNs like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost. Along with allowing you… Read the article >>

Can You Block Your Number When Sending A Text
Can You Block Your Number When Sending A Text?

Today, there are so many different messaging and communication applications that it can be easy to forget that you can use your cell phone for sending… Read the article >>

Cydia Cloud
How Does Jailbreaking Work?

While many people understand the importance of keeping their desktop or laptop computer secured by using tools like Trust.Zone, PureVPN, or McAfee antivirus, most… Read the article >>

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

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VPN vs. Proxy

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Remove Incorrect Information From Google
How To Remove Incorrect Information From Google

Most people look to Google to be the ultimate source of information. If you want to find a local cafe or restaurant near you, Google… Read the article >>

VPN Split-Tunneling
What Is VPN Split-Tunneling?

If you’ve recently started using a VPN like Cyberghost, for example, then congratulations! You’re now a whole lot safer than you used to… Read the article >>

Google Chrome My Location
How On Earth Does Google Chrome Know My Location?

If you’re one of the 2.65 billion global users who use Chrome as their primary browser, then you’ve no doubt noticed that Chrome has an… Read the article >>

Secure Video Conference Platforms

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How Do Virus Scanners Work?

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Evite Blackmail Case
Dark Web Criminal Cases

We’ve already discussed the dark web at length here at PinpointVPN, but for some reason, we keep coming back to it. It’s just interesting… Read the article >>

Is Skype Safe?

Skype is one of the oldest and most well-known VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) programs on the web. It’s been out since 2003, meaning… Read the article >>

Is Paypal Safe?

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Does Instagram Sell Your Data
Does Instagram Sell Your Data?

Instagram has quickly grown into one of the world’s largest photo-sharing applications. It also doubles as a full-fledged social… Read the article >>

Tinder Privacy Settings
Can You Change Your Tinder Privacy Settings?

Since 2012, millions of global users have been swiping left and right trying to find the perfect date or some company for the night. In fact… Read the article >>

WhatsApp Alternatives

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What Data Does Snapchat Collect From You?

Today, Snapchat is one of the most widely used apps by the younger generations, and 82% of US teens use it. Although it doesn’t… Read the article >>

How Do You Delete Netflix History?

Sometimes, our Netflix recommendations can seem a bit scattered or out of hand… After a night of falling asleep while watching… Read the article >>

Movies Anywhere
Is Downloading Movies Illegal?

The United States has enjoyed a century watching movies that defined and changed culture and the arts. Around the world, the… Read the article >>

Is Bluetooth Secure?

Technology and convenience go hand-in-hand. As consumers, we are looking for ever-increasing ways of maximizing our use of handy digital devices… Read the article >>

WhatsApp Scams

WhatsApp is ubiquitous in many parts of the world. Originally an instant messaging platform that mirrored Blackberry Messenger and… Read the article >>

How Does DuckDuckGo Work?

Do you sometimes feel as though Big Brother is watching you? Have you felt the discomfiture that leaves you wondering How did they know that?… Read the article >>

Proxy Server
What Is A Proxy Server (and What Makes It Different From A VPN)?

Remember back when you were in high school and you wanted to access your favorite gaming website during your computer class? Every time… Read the article >>

Formula 1 Racing
How To Watch Formula 1 Racing Online

Formula 1 races are generally hosted between March and September, when the weather is fair and favors the high-speeds, high-stakes… Read the article >>

Banned From Fortnite
Banned From Fortnite? Here’s What To Do Next

One minute you’re enjoying your night off, shooting bad guys, building custom bases, and talking trash to your buddies in a live match… Read the article >>

What Is LastPass?

If you can, try to think of your most commonly used accounts. If you’re anything like most people, it’ll probably be your social media and email… Read the article >>

It is Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Where To Watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the longest-streaming comedy shows ever made. The first episode aired in 2005. Today, it’s 2021 and… Read the article >>

How Does Bitwarden Work?

Do you ever feel like you have too many passwords and logins for the internet? Sure, it may have been easy to keep track of them 15… Read the article >>

Receive Money Anonymously
How To Receive Money Anonymously

A hundred years ago, it was pretty easy to keep people out of your personal business. All you needed to do was just keep… Read the article >>

Password Cracking
Password Cracking Techniques Hackers Use

According to recent statistics, there are around 2,200 hacking attempts every single day. If you do the math, that boils down to around 2 attacks… Read the article >>

Hashing vs Encryption
Hashing vs. Encryption: What’s The Difference?

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What Is A Botnet and Why Do Hackers Use Them?

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Who Can See Your Browsing History
Who Can See Your Browsing History?

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Is OnlyFans Safe?

OnlyFans has been popular for years, but the content-sharing platform has been hitting a wider audience lately. Questions are swirling… Read the article >>

Brute Force Attack
What Is A Brute Force Attack

If you’ve ever watched spy movies, CIA thrillers, or even just FX’s hit animated series Archer, then you’ve no doubt come across the term “brute force” used in… Read the article >>

How To Change Your Region On Your PS5

If you were lucky enough to get your hand on a PS5 over the course of the past year, then congrats! That means you were able to… Read the article >>

IPV4 vs IPV6
IPV4 vs. IPV6: Understanding Internet Protocols

If you’ve ever tried to tamper with your device’s wireless settings or your router settings, then you may have seen the terms IPV4 and IPV6. An increasing… Read the article >>

DDoS Attack
What Is A DDoS Attack

Every year, top-performing companies and sites lose tens of thousands (and sometimes even hundreds of thousands) of dollars from DDoS… Read the article >>

DNS Attacks
What Is A DNS Attack

Every day, thousands of people get their identities stolen, their bank accounts hacked, and their personal data compromised. No matter how… Read the article >>

Dashlane vs 1Password
What’s The Best Password Manager: Dashlane vs. 1Password

When was the last time that you had to replace your cell phone or laptop? If you’re like most Americans, then you probably… Read the article >>

Amazon Prime Video
How To Change Your Country On Amazon Prime

It’s safe to say that Amazon Prime has just about everything you could ever need to make you happy. Their standard membership includes free 1-day and… Read the article >>

Encrypted Email
How To Send An Encrypted Email

These days, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant about your internet security. Everything from the login credentials to… Read the article >>

How To Watch UFC Free On Live Stream

Some of us like football, some of us like soccer, and others like to keep up with basketball… And then there’s those of us who would… Read the article >>

VPN Blocks
How To Bypass VPN Blocks

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Installing VPN On A Router
How To Install A VPN On Your Router

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LastPass vs 1Password
LastPass vs. 1Password: Which Password Manager Is Better?

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Looking For The Cheapest WordPress Hosting? We’ve Got You Covered

WordPress was first launched in 2003 and an all-in-one website builder designed to simplify the process of building websites. Up until then, building a website wasn’t… Read the article >>

Shopify vs Squarespace
Shopify vs. Squarespace | Two Site Builders Compared

If you’re planning on starting an online business or building a blog, then chances are that you’ve heard of both Squarespace and Shopify. From their… Read the article >>

Send Money
How To Send Money Anonymously Using PayPal

PayPal was one of the first pioneers of digital money transferring. Acquired from Elon Musk by eBay, it quickly became eBay’s primary… Read the article >>

Crypto and Coinbase Scams
Crypto and Coinbase Scams To Watch Out For In 2021

Cryptocurrency has had a huge year. The most recent crypto bull market-style surge was the biggest in history and saw Bitcoin reaching heights of… Read the article >>

Bluehost vs HostGator
Bluehost vs. HostGator: Battle Of The Web Hosts

Think of hosting as a sort of retail store. Let’s say that you have a product that you want to put on the market and you want people to buy. The easiest way… Read the article >>

2021 Wimbledon Championships
How To Watch Wimbledon Online, No Matter Where You Are

If you’re a tennis fanatic (or you just get a kick out of hearing tennis players yell every time they slam a ball), then you’re probably… Read the article >>

Sky TV
How To Watch Sky One In The USA

Sky is one of the largest TV broadcasters in the United Kingdom and has some awesome titles that you won’t find anywhere… Read the article >>

Password Manager
The Best Password Managers of 2021

Let’s face it, you probably have a few more passwords than you’d like. When the internet first started off, you probably only had… Read the article >>

TOR Browser
How to Access the Dark Web Safely

You’ve likely heard about the dark web by now, and what you’ve heard is likely full of horror stories about drug dealing and hitmen for hire. However… Read the article >>

Alternatives to Gmail

You know that we here at PinpointVPN are huge fans of maintaining your privacy on the internet using tools like… Read the article >>

What Is AES Encryption?

The word encryption is derived from the age-old practice of cryptography. Long before computers were invented, people… Read the article >>

Port Forwarding
Is Port Forwarding Safe?

If you’ve been spending some time researching computer networking concepts, then you may have come across the term port forwarding… Read the article >>

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private

Social networks like Facebook tend to make money by invading your privacy on the most basic level. However, along with the networks themselves… Read the article >>

How to Get Unbanned from a Discord Server

Discord is one of the world’s best communication platforms, and it’s quickly becoming more than just a platform for gamers. Businesses are… Read the article >>

Windows Command Prompt
How To Create Your Own VPN Server In 2021

In an age of ever-decreasing internet privacy and ever-increasing attacks by data thieves, hackers, and malicious bots, virtual private networks… Read the article >>

Antivirus with VPN Included

VPNs are our area of expertise here at PinpointVPN, but we like to ensure that our readers are as safe as possible while… Read the article >>

Gmail Account
How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently

Gmail is the world’s most popular online email host thanks to its simplicity, cross-platform usability, built-in organizational features, fast speeds… Read the article >>

How to Change Steam Region

Everyone knows that Steam is the best platform to buy video games on, and if you look at the controversy around Epic Games Store exclusives like… Read the article >>

Is a VPN Worth It?

You may have noticed that we’re big fans of VPNs here at PinpointVPN, but if you’re still on the fence about whether or not… Read the article >>

Mobile device security 2
How To Get Rid Of A Virus On Your Phone

When most people think of viruses, they remember that time that their family computer got overrun by pop-up ads from that… Read the article >>

Email Account Settings
How Do I Find All Of The Email Accounts Under My Name?

If you’re like 95% of people, then the chances are that you have more than one email address. Most of us… Read the article >>

NBA Games
How to Watch NBA Games Online

If you’re trying to watch some basketball, you may think you’re out of luck if you don’t have a cable TV subscription. However… Read the article >>

How to Fix Fortnite Lag

Fortnite is easily the biggest game in the world, but that doesn’t mean that it’s free of the number-one thing that’s plagued players… Read the article >>

BBC iPlayer
How To Watch BBC iPlayer In The USA

For those who don’t know, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC, for short) is the hottest thing in London. Well, actually… Read the article >>

Common Passwords
2021’s Most Common Passwords

With so many online subscriptions, multiple accounts, and services that we pay for, keeping track of a bunch of individual passwords can be next to… Read the article >>

Modern Family On Netflix In The U.S.
Can You Watch Modern Family On Netflix In The U.S.?

If you’re like 94% of Google users (or 85% of Rotten Tomatoes users), then chances are you’re a fan of Modern Family. The popular sitcom… Read the article >>

Google Play Store
How To Change Country In The Google Play Store

The Play Store is your one-stop-shop for pretty much any content that you want to download onto your Google device… Read the article >>

How to Torrent Safely

Torrenting may have a bad wrap when it comes to security, but it’s one of the best ways to download the files you need in the most efficient… Read the article >>

How to Change Netflix Region

There are a lot of reasons to change your Netflix region. Maybe your new favorite show is geo-locked or maybe you just want to… Read the article >>

Password Field
How to Create a Strong Password

Our goal here at PinpointVPN is to ensure that our readers have the safest possible experience using the internet. Even though tools like… Read the article >>

Sending An Anonymous Email
How To Send An Anonymous Email

One of the best things about the internet is that you can instantly send and receive messages anywhere in the world. A couple of… Read the article >>

Unblocking YouTube
How To Unblock YouTube

YouTube has quickly become the world’s largest video streaming platform and was recently acquired by Google for $1.65 billion, making it… Read the article >>

Email CC
Secure Email Providers

At PinpointVPN, we love any tool that keeps you and your info safe when you browse the internet, and those tools don’t necessarily have to include VPNs like… Read the article >>

How To Pause Avast Antivirus

As soon as computers and the internet were invented, nefarious and clever individuals started creating ways to break into them and access the potentially valuable… Read the article >>

McAfee vs. Avast

While a VPN can protect you from prying eyes, how do you make sure that your computer doesn’t get taken over by enterprising hackers with… Read the article >>

Pokemon Go
How To Spoof Pokemon Go

If you’re anything like half of the people in our office, then you probably grew up playing Pokemon on an old Gameboy or… Read the article >>

Restricted Access
Unblock Blocked Websites Using a VPN

Have you ever seen a link that you just had to click but you were at work or school? Sure, you can always wait… Read the article >>

Get Unbanned from Omegle
How To Get Unbanned From Omegle

Remember those days when you used to log into AOL Messenger (or ‘AIM,’ for the real OG’s) and message all of your friends because your… Read the article >>

123movies home page
Is There Any Danger to Using 123Movies?

123Movies is a popular resource for anyone looking to enjoy some free movies from time to time, but surely there must be a downside to… Read the article >>

Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix
Easiest Way to Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix

Over the course of this short instructional article, we’re going to take a look at the steps you need to follow so that you can watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine… Read the article >>

Quit Facebook
A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Quit Facebook Permanently

We all love connecting with friends and relatives over Facebook, perhaps by sharing funny videos of cats with each other. However, with the slew of privacy risks and… Read the article >>

Netflix home screen
How to Deal with Netflix Proxy Error M7111-5059

In today’s short guide, we’ll explore what you need to do to fix Netflix proxy error M7111-5059, and these steps may even help you fix… Read the article >>

Instagram login screen
How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently in 2021

While Instagram is the best place to enjoy videos of our favorite pets and celebrities, it can also get a little tiresome and potentially even addictive. In this guide… Read the article >>

Overwatch logo
How to Fix Overwatch Lag Spikes and Packet Loss

Overwatch has outlasted most of its competitors in the competitive shooter genre, but the game that spawned iconic characters like Tracer and… Read the article >>

Usenet network
Your Complete Guide to Usenet in 2021

In this article, we’re going to explore what Usenet is, what you can do with it, and how you can use it. However, before… Read the article >>

Delete Instagram permanently
How to delete your Instagram account permanently?

Instagram is popular amidst people from all walks of life – riding the hashtag train can be an addictive ride to internet stardom… Read the article >>