Looking For The Cheapest WordPress Hosting? We’ve Got You Covered

Looking For The Cheapest WordPress Hosting? We’ve Got You Covered


WordPress was first launched in 2003 and an all-in-one website builder designed to simplify the process of building websites. Up until then, building a website wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. You’d need to know how to code websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript or know your way around expensive site-building software such as Adobe Dreamweaver (which had just been released in 1997).

When Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little first released WordPress, it changed the face of the world forever. It allowed virtually anybody to create a website without having to code a single thing. If you did know how to code, then you could integrate your own custom coding with your WordPress site to make it even more unique.

Today, instead of giving you another VPN-oriented post or review, we decided that we’d change directions and show you some of the cheapest places to host your WordPress site. So, if you’re thinking of changing hosts or you’re in the process of planning a new WordPress site, then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive in.

Who Has The Cheapest WordPress Hosting?

When it comes to finding a good host, there are a number of different factors that webmasters typically consider. First and foremost, you need a fast host server. This will ensure that people have a chance to actually see your site before they bounce.

Secondly, you’ll want a secure server that’s harder to hack. Of course, nobody visiting your site is completely safe unless they’re using a high-quality VPN like NordVPN, but webmasters also need to do their part to ensure their sites and servers are secure from hacks.

Lastly, you’ll want an affordable host. If you’re just starting out, then you probably don’t want to be shelling out $50 per month on a hosting plan when you’re trying to build business/site capital.

So, without further ado, let’s get into our list of the cheapest WordPress hosts of 2021! All of the hosts on this list offer decent security, and industry-standard speeds, so those bases are already covered.

1. Bluehost: Bluehost is easily one of the most popular hosting platforms for WordPress sites on the internet. Why? Well, it’s mostly because the host specializes in hosting WordPress sites and offers a number of easy-to-use plugins that make setting up your WordPress site a breeze!

They also have special offers for cheap hosting directed at WordPress web hosts. Their Basic plan starts at just $2.95/month for a single website or $5.45/month for unlimited websites.

2. HostGator: HostGator is one of the oldest and most well-known web hosts on the internet and is Bluehost’s direct competitor (even though they’re both owned by the same parent company). Their basic hosting plan is just $2.75/month, making it very similarly priced to Bluehost. The only drawback is that they don’t have as many WordPress-specific plugins as Bluehost, so you may want to pay the extra 20 cents per month for the additional plugins offered by Bluehost.

HostGator and Bluehost

3. ChemiCloud: ChemiCloud specifically focuses on hosting WordPress sites and offers a ton of features and plugins that WordPress users can take advantage of, such as free website migration, 1-click WordPress installation, monthly backups, and SSD space for a faster-loading WordPress site!

Their prices are a bit pricier than both Bluehost and HostGator and start at $3.95/month. However, the extra features are quite appealing. In our opinion, ChemiCloud is one of the best hosts around and is definitely worth the investment.


4. DreamHost: DreamHost offers WordPress site hosting starting at just $2.59/month, making it one of the cheapest WordPress hosts on the market! Like ChemiCloud, they also offer 1-click WordPress installation. DreamHost’s primary “claim to fame” is their incredible server speeds. On average, site load times are around 230 milliseconds and their servers up-time is 99.99%.

While DreamHost might not have as many options for WordPress-specific plugins and server management, its proven track record of speed and reliability make it a good choice for high-traffic sites that rely on a bulletproof host server.


Why Do People Still Use WordPress + Third-Party Hosts?

Although WordPress isn’t quite as popular as it once was (thanks to competitors like Squarespace and Shopify), it still holds a large degree of online dominance. In fact, around 37% of all indexed sites on the internet utilize WordPress, including high-traffic sites like the New York Times, TechCrunch, and even BBC America!

That being said, if you want to get the most out of WordPress, you’ll need to be willing to do a bit of custom coding. Just setting up a basic WordPress site without custom coding won’t give you the most aesthetically appealing site.

This is why site builders such as Squarespace and Wix have grown in popularity. Their simple drag-and-drop functionality is simple enough to allow a 10-year-old to build a visually stunning site from scratch, with absolutely no knowledge of how to code.

However, WordPress is still a very popular platform for website building and is regarded as one of the most professional site builders on the market. Here are some of the top reasons why people are still using WordPress + WordPress-specific hosts over other popular site builders.

Faster Loading Times

If you’re building a WordPress site, you can choose your own web host and find a host (such as those listed above) that offers exclusive WordPress-optimized servers. This means that your site will load far more quickly than if you were building a site with other non-optimized servers used by sites like Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify.

Integrated Business Plugins

WordPress offers a number of plugins and site management features that are quite appealing to online brands. From content delivery network support to the option for inserting and embedding custom code, WordPress has a lot of features that experienced web designers can take advantage of, compared to drag-and-drop website builders.

Customization Options

The main selling point of site builders like Wix and Squarespace is that you can “drag-and-drop” almost every element on the site. This makes building an aesthetic site quite easy. However, it doesn’t allow you much room for custom coding or Javascript features. WordPress is a better choice for experienced coders and UI/UX designers who know how to work under the hood.

Better SEO Features

WordPress offers a number of different site optimization features designed to allow for faster load times, and create a more engaging, interactive site.

Custom Security Options

If you’ve read any of our other posts, then you’ll remember that we’re all about online security. Not every visitor who uses your site will have access to a high-performance VPN like ExpressVPN, so you’ll want to make your site as secure as possible using two-factor authentication, SSL certificates, and more. Thankfully, WordPress allows for all of this.

In Conclusion

Overall, if you’re looking for the cheapest WordPress host, we’d recommend going with Bluehost. They have a number of great WordPress-specific plugins and offer WordPress hosting for as cheap as $2.95/month.

If you’re willing to pay a little bit more and you’re looking for a greater variety of WordPress plugins, then ChemiCloud will probably be your second-best bet. The extra $1/month you’ll pay with ChemiCloud is well worth the high-performance plugins you’ll be able to access.

As always, you should pick what’s best for you and your particular situation. Do your own research on the WordPress hosts and double-check each host’s WordPress-specific features and pricing to make sure they have what you’re looking for!


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