How To Watch NBC Without Cable

How To Watch NBC Without Cable


NBC is one of the oldest and most popular channels in the US. It started as a simple news channel but has since grown to develop into a full-fledged TV channel that has its own TV shows and even streams movies from time to time.

Today, however, fewer people are signing up for a cable subscription than ever before. Let’s be honest, cable television is incredibly overpriced and you really don’t get much benefit from it… Who wants to pay $60/month to only watch content on a schedule when they can just sign up for an affordable streaming service (often at a fraction of the cost) and watch the titles they want whenever they want. It’s kind of a no-brainer, right?

But what about NBC?

Since it’s a cable television channel, many people assume that they won’t be able to watch NBC titles or keep up with their nightly news by sacrificing their expensive cable plan for a streaming service. However, we’re here to show you how to watch NBC without cable.

Additionally, we’ll also show you how to stream NBC from anywhere in the world. So, no matter where your business travels or vacations take you, you’ll still be able to watch your favorite shows and news reports without any issues!

What Platforms Can I Stream NBC On?

At first, streaming platforms had some rather obvious limitations. Namely, there was no way to stream television channels from your streaming platforms. This meant that if you wanted to keep up with the news AND watch movies, you would need both a cable subscription and a streaming platform subscription.

However, as cable subscriptions became fewer, major TV networks started cutting deals with streaming platforms, allowing them to offer live TV channels to their subscribers for an additional cost. So, with that being said, here are the streaming platforms that currently support streaming NBC:

  • Sling TV
  • Hulu TV
  • YouTube TV
  • FuboTV

Before you’re able to watch NBC on any of these streaming platforms, you’ll first need to subscribe to a basic plan. For example, Hulu’s basic plan costs around $8/month. Next, you’ll need to add NBC to your plan for an additional $7/month. This will allow you to view all Hulu titles as well as all NBC-specific titles.

For other streaming platforms like YouTube TV and FuboTv, for example, NBC may be included as part of your entire package deal (similar to the way that cable companies used to sell channel packages). However, this may vary depending on the year and any promotions they have going on, so you’ll want to double-check to make sure before you decide.

Where Can I Stream NBC Without Cable?

NBC is a US-based television channel, which means that you can only steam NBC while you’re located in the United States. If you attempt to view NBC while you’re visiting or traveling to another country, you’ll be given a not-so-friendly error message explaining that the title you’re trying to watch is unavailable in your region.

Why Can’t I Watch NBC Outside Of The US?

It may seem disappointing at first… After all, you’re paying for a subscription and you may even be paying extra money to add NBC to your streaming service. So, why can’t you watch NBC outside of the United States?

Well, it all has to do with licensing and copyright laws. To be able to stream in other countries, NBC would have to make deals with streaming platforms located in other countries. Simply put, there’s not enough demand for NBC outside of the US.

They would also have to work with another non-US streaming service, which means that even if they did stream outside of the US, you would have to download and sign up for an entirely different streaming service.

How To Watch NBC Without Cable (No Matter Where You’re Located)

Although everything we just said is 100% true, there is a way to get around NBC’s regional streaming restrictions by using a high-quality VPN service to mask your IP address and location.

1. Download A High-Speed VPN Service: First thing’s first, you’ll need to download a good VPN that will allow you to mask your actual location and trick your streaming platform into thinking that you’re located somewhere entirely different. If you’re looking for a reliable VPN, then we suggest ZenMate VPN or IPVanish, as we’ve tested and reviewed both to our standards.

2. Sign Up For A VPN Service Subscription: After downloading the VPN app onto your device, you’ll need to sign up for a VPN service subscription. Some VPNs offer pay-by-month plans while others offer annual plans at a discount. Some VPN services even offer free trial periods that allow you to test the service before you commit to it all of the way.

3. Disable Your Device’s GPS: While a VPN can mask your IP address, it won’t be able to mask your GPS position if it’s activated on your device. Not every streaming platform will ask for your GPS location, but some will and it can bypass your VPN, showing the platform your real location.

So, to prevent this from happening, we recommend turning your device’s GPS location service off while you’re streaming NBC in another country.

4. Delete Cookies and Browser Cache Data: Another bit of data that can give you away to streaming platforms are cookies and cached memory stored in your browser. To prevent this from happening, we suggest either using your browser’s incognito mode or deleting all of your history, cookies, and cache from your browser.

5. Activate Your VPN and Connect To A US-Based VPN: Now, you should be good to go! Open your chosen VPN application and browse through the list of VPN servers located around the globe. Since NBC is only available in the US, you’ll need to select a US-based VPN server.
VPN Server Location
6. Log Into Your Streaming Service and Watch NBC Live: Once you’re connected to the VPN, it will appear as if you’re accessing the internet from the United States. This will allow you to log into your streaming account and watch all of your favorite NBC titles!

In Conclusion

Although NBC is only technically available for streaming in the United States, by using a VPN service you can watch NBC without cable from anywhere in the world! VPNs are good for more than just streaming too; they encrypt all of your online data and allow you to remain safe and secure, even while you’re connected to public wi-fi networks that would otherwise compromise security.