How To Stream Harry Potter Online (Even If You Live Outside of the US)

How To Stream Harry Potter Online (Even If You Live Outside of the US)

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the most successful book and movie franchises of all time. When a broke J.K. Rowling first sat down to write Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (later changed to Sorcerer’s Stone) on the back of a napkin in her local cafe, she had no idea that it would eventually grow into a multi-billion-dollar franchise.

Today, 24 years after the release of her first book, Harry Potter is just as popular as it’s ever been. Despite the fact that the star actors have evolved into full-grown adults and are pursuing their own successful acting careers, the franchise has added two new spin-offs and older fans are just as eager to re-watch the old movies as they were when they were first released.

So, that being said, where’s a witch or wizard supposed to stream Harry Potter today?

In this post, we’ll show you exactly what streaming platforms have the Harry Potter films and how to go about watching them, even if you’re geo-blocked and live outside of the United States. Let’s take a look!

What Streaming Platforms Can I Watch Harry Potter On?

Over the past two decades, the Harry Potter films have jumped from platform to platform. In the early days, you could watch them using your cable provider’s On Demand service. If you lived through the days when DVR’s were popular, then you might have been lucky enough to catch a marathon, record it, and save it to your DVR to watch later.

Today, however, the Harry Potter films are streaming on two major platforms:

  • HBO Max
  • Hulu (With The HBO Max Add-On)

Harry Potter is owned by WarnerMedia, which also owns HBO. For a brief period in late-2020 and early-2021, Harry Potter was available on Peacock (NBC’s streaming service). However, once HBO updated its major streaming service, HBO Max, WarnerMedia ended Peacock’s license to stream the movies and gave the exclusive streaming rights to HBO Max.

So, today, if you want to stream Harry Potter, you can either sign up for an HBO Max account or sign up for a Hulu account and pay an additional monthly fee to add HBO Max to your Hulu subscription.

Can I Stream Harry Potter Outside of the United States?

If you live in the US, then you’re in luck! As long as you have HBO Max or Hulu + HBO Max, you can create an account and watch Harry Potter to your heart’s content. They may even have a free trial you can take advantage of (depending on any monthly or seasonal deals they may be running).

However, if you live outside of the United States, then you won’t be able to stream Harry Potter on either one of these services (as they’re only available in the United States). That being said, there is a “workaround” that you can take advantage of if you want to access these streaming platforms from another country.

Check out the section below to find out how!

How To Stream Harry Potter Online (Even If You’re Not A US Resident)

So, you live outside of the US and you have a magical craving that you need to take care of… Here’s how to stream Harry Potter online, even if you’re not a US resident.

1. Download a High-Quality VPN Service On Your Phone, Tablet, or Smart TV: For this method to work, you’ll need to start by downloading a high-quality VPN like CyberGhost or NordVPN. If you’ve never heard of them before, VPN servers re-route your internet traffic through a third-party server located in another country, which masks your IP address and makes it look like you’re located in another location (like the US, for example).

Also, for this method to work smoothly, we suggest using your phone or tablet. We’ll explain why in step 4.

2. Look For A VPN That Offers Obfuscated Servers: When you’re deciding on which VPN service you want to sign up for, make sure it’s one that offers obfuscated servers. These are special VPN servers that mask the fact that they’re VPNs, which means that the streaming service (HBO Max, in this case) won’t be able to tell you’re on a VPN and deny you service.

3. Connect To A VPN Server Located In The US: Now, connect to an obfuscated VPN server that’s located in the United States. Once you’re connected, your device will appear as if it’s based out of the United States. This, in turn, will allow you to sign up for US-only services and apps.

VPN Server Locations

4. Add Money To Your PayPal Account: Traditionally, you would pay for HBO Max using a US-based credit or debit card. However, if you live outside of the country, then this isn’t possible (unless you have a US friend who’s willing to let you use their card to pay for the subscription in return for you paying them via a money app).

To sign up for HBO Max overseas yourself, you’ll need to use a PayPal account. You can also use Apple App Store credit or Google Play credit, but PayPal is usually the easiest.

You can only use PayPal (or Apple/Google store credit) if you’re using the HBO Max app. If you’re just visiting the HBO Max site on your desktop, then you won’t have these additional payment methods available to you.

5. Download The HBO Max App and Create an Account: While your device is connected to your VPN, download the HBO Max app on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. Then, create an account and pay for your subscription using your PayPal account.

6. Stream All 8 Harry Potter Movies: As long as you followed all of the steps correctly and your device remains connected to the US-based VPN server, you should be able to log into your HBO Max account and stream all 8 Harry Potter movies to your heart’s content!

Can I Get In Trouble For Watching HBO Max With A VPN?

While it does go against HBO Max’s terms of service, you won’t get in trouble for using a VPN to watch HBO Max overseas. The worst that can happen is that you might get your account banned; even then, you can just repeat the steps above and create a new account.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it’s completely possible to stream Harry Potter online, even if you don’t live in the United States. You’ll just have to download a VPN and go through some extra hoops and hurdles. If all of this is too much for you, you can try looking at your local streaming platforms to see if any of them are streaming the movies.

You may also just consider purchasing the films on DVD or renting them to binge-watch over a weekend. We hope that this guide has been helpful, and we hope you enjoy your movie marathon!