How To Pay For A VPN Anonymously

How To Pay For A VPN Anonymously

Pay For A VPN Anonymously

In today’s world of scammers, hackers, and increasing privacy violations, having a high-quality VPN service is the best way to ensure cover your tracks and make sure that unwanted third parties aren’t snooping on you or stalking you as you browse online.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an external server that manages your internet traffic and sends all of your data through a highly-secured server before sending it through the internet. This prevents everybody from government agencies to your internet service provider (ISP) from tracking your online activities. It also prevents hackers from being able to get access to your device and private data.

If used properly, connecting to a VPN server has the ability to make your connection completely anonymous. In fact, the only party that will know who you are is your VPN service.

What if you want to be completely anonymous, though? What if you don’t even want your VPN provider to know who’s using the VPN? Is it possible?

As it turns out, yes! In fact, many VPNs even support users paying for VPN anonymously in an effort to retain their client’s complete confidentiality. In today’s post, we’re going to show you how to pay for a VPN anonymously and some of the advantages of doing so. Check it out!

Benefits Of Paying For VPN Anonymously

If you’re new to this whole online privacy thing, then you’re probably wondering what the point of paying for a VPN anonymously is. You might be thinking, “Isn’t the whole point of a VPN to make me anonymous? Why do I need to pay for my anonymity service anonymously? Isn’t that overkill?

Well, you may not necessarily need to pay for your VPN anonymously. However, doing so will ensure complete and utter anonymity. For example, if you live in a country where VPNs are regulated or illegal, then you may not want your personal information or a paper trail of payments that could lead back to you.

Law enforcement agencies can also get a subpoena to view your payment information that you used to pay for your VPN service with. This evidence could then potentially be used against you in a court of law.

So, that being said, here are the two main reasons why you might want to pay for your VPN anonymously.

You’re COMPLETELY Anonymous

For one, when you pay for a VPN anonymously, you’ll be completely anonymous. Nobody, not even your VPN service provider will be able to see that “John Smith” with a billing address of “3535 random street” is the person using the VPN. All your VPN service provider will see is a random IP address with a random payment method using their service.

The only thing that they’re concerned about is getting their payment. They could really care less about who you are.

Your VPN Usage Can’t Be Tracked

Another advantage of paying for your VPN anonymously is that your VPN usage can’t be tracked. Let’s just say that you were paying for a VPN using your regular debit or credit card. Well, if law enforcement or government agencies took control of your bank account, then they’d be able to see that you were using your cards to pay for a VPN, which would raise red flags and could arouse suspicion.

By not paying for your VPN with personal accounts, you’ll ensure that your VPN usage can never be traced back to you. If you use a VPN like CyberGhost that offers obfuscated servers, then not even your ISP will be able to tell that you’re using a VPN. Only then will you truly by a ghost.

How To Pay For A VPN Anonymously

There are two different methods that you can employ to pay for a VPN service anonymously. One method involves using a prepaid debit card or giftcard. The other method involves using an anonymous cryptocurrency account.

Both methods are viable and equally anonymous, so it’s really up to you and which method you feel more comfortable with.

Method 1- Use A Prepaid Debit Card

The first method we’ll discuss is using a prepaid debit card. This method is a bit more accessible and easy, especially if you’re not used to using cryptocurrency and don’t know how hash wallets work. Here’s how to go about purchasing a VPN anonymously using a prepaid card.

1. Step 1- Purchase A Prepaid Card Using Cash: First, you’ll need to find a store near you that sells prepaid debit cards or Visa giftcards. Make sure that the card you purchase doesn’t require you to register it or provide any personal details to activate it.

Another important step to remember is that you need to purchase the prepaid card with cash if you want to remain completely anonymous. If possible, you should also purchase the prepaid card at a store that doesn’t have many security cameras, or wear glasses, a hoodie, or a hat to ensure that you can’t be identified via camera footage.

2. Step 2- Find a VPN That Allows Giftcard Payments: Now that you have a pre-loaded card, you’ll need to find a VPN service that accepts payments with giftcards or prepaid Visa cards. NordVPN is one that we ca think of off of the top of our heads and has some affordable monthly rates.

3. Step 3- Use The Tor Browser To Navigate To The VPNs Site: Now, for another important step… You want to make sure that you’re completely anonymous while you’re purchasing your VPN. Otherwise, your ISP, law enforcement, hackers, and other apps you’re using may be able to see that you’re purchasing a VPN and red flag you.

The easiest way to anonymously download a VPN program is to first download the Tor browser. This is an anonymous browser that offers many of the same security benefits and anonymity features that VPNs do. It’s also free to download and use.

Once you’ve downloaded Tor, open it up and navigate to your chosen VPN’s main site.

4. Step 4- Purchase Your VPN Subscription: Now that you’ve accessed the VPN site through the anonymous Tor browser, use your prepaid card to purchase a subscription to the VPN and download the VPN program on your device.

Method 2- Use Cryptocurrency

The second method you can use to pay for your VPN anonymously is to use cryptocurrency. Crypto is one of the most popular ways of making anonymous payments and money transfers. Although every crypto transaction is logged on the blockchain, it’s almost impossible to trace individual payments back to the person who made them (especially if they’re made from an anonymous crypto wallet).

So, if you’re more crypto-minded, then here’s how to use crypto to pay for a VPN anonymously.

1. Step 1- Set Up An Anonymous Crypto Wallet: First, you’ll want to set up an anonymous crypto wallet service where your Bitcoin can be stored. Don’t use a mainstream service like Coinbase that requires you to sign up using personal details. Instead, use an anonymous wallet service like Trezor or Exodus.

These wallets are completely anonymous. They don’t require you to submit any personal information and the only thing associated with your account will be your unique hash code that serves as the wallet’s address on the blockchain. No name, address, or payment information necessary.

Here is what the Exodus site looks like:


… and here is what the Trezor site looks like:

Trezor Suite

2. Step 2- Purchase Bitcoin Anonymously: Now that you’ve got a secure, anonymous wallet to store your crypto in, you’ll need to purchase some crypto using fiat. The most anonymous way of doing this is to find a Bitcoin ATM and use cash to purchase Bitcoin and deposit the crypto funds into your anonymous wallet.

To increase your anonymity, wear a face mask, glasses, or hoodie to mask your identity, so you can’t be identified using the Bitcoin ATM through security footage.

3. Step 3- Find a VPN That Takes Crypto Payments: Now that you’ve set up your payment method, it’s time to find a VPN service that accepts crypto payments. NordVPN and several others are well known for accepting crypto payments.

4. Step 4- Use The Tor Browser To Access To The VPNs Site: As we detailed in method 1 above, you’ll want to pay for and download your chosen VPN service anonymously as well. For this, the Tor browser will work fine. Refer to ‘Step 3’ above for a recap.

5. Step 5- Pay For Your Subscription With Crypto: Once you’ve accessed your VPNs main site through the Tor browser, you can pay for the service using cryptocurrency. To pay using crypto, you’ll be directed to a crypto processor, where you’ll be asked to enter your wallet’s hash code and the amount of “bits” (pieces of Bitcoin) you want to pay with.

In Conclusion

There you have it! We hope that you enjoyed this guide on how to pay for VPN anonymously. Both of the methods described above work well and will allow you to remain completely anonymous while purchasing and downloading your service.

As a side note, we suggest paying for a full year’s subscription all at once (rather than making monthly payments). The more payments that you make, the more transactions you’ll have to complete, and the more likely you are to be identified paying for the VPN. If you can pay for your entire year’s VPN subscription in one payment, the chances of you being identified are slim to none.