How Private Is Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode?

How Private Is Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode?

How Private Is Google Chrome Incognito Mode

If you use Google’s Chrome browser regularly, then you’ve no doubt activated the incognito mode a few times before. Perhaps you were doing some Christmas shopping and didn’t want your kids to see the history, or you were checking a personal account that you don’t want other computer users using.

Whatever the case may be, Chrome’s incognito mode is a simple, straightforward setting that you can activate to prevent Chrome from storing information about your browsing history. That way, nobody can get on the computer behind you and snoop around or see the sites you were visiting.

However, the incognito mode may not be quite as private as some people believe. While it’s certainly great for keeping other computer users in the dark about your browsing activity, it doesn’t do much when it comes to third-party snoopers, such as hackers, your ISP, or government agencies.

If you’re a privacy-conscious individual and you value your online anonymity, then you need to read this post! Below, we’ll explain just how private Google Chrome incognito mode is, as well as what you can do to make your browsing even more private.

How Does Incognito Mode Work?

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people use incognito mode without understanding what it actually does. While most people know that Google won’t store browser history while using incognito mode, they’re unaware of exactly what data is being saved and what data isn’t.

The goal of incognito mode is to allow you to browse the internet incognito. As soon as you activate the incognito mode, a new Chrome window will open. You’ll be able to open multiple tabs within that incognito window, all of which will share the same level of privacy.

The idea is simple; it keeps other people who use the computer from seeing what you’re doing online. This is especially important if you’re sharing the computer with your family or co-workers or if you’re using a public computer at an internet cafe, library, or computer center.

What Data Does Google Save While You’re In Incognito Mode?

When you activate Chrome’s incognito mode, the following information will not be saved:

  • Browsing history.
  • Cookies.
  • Cache.

However, any images or files that are downloaded while you have incognito mode activated will still be saved on your device. The Chrome browser can’t go into your device and handle individual files. If you want individual files deleted, you’ll need to do this manually.
Google Chrome Incognito Mode

Are Cookies and Cache Bad?

Some people wrongly assume that cookies and cached data are bad and that they should be prevented at all costs. While they can certainly become a problem if you don’t stay on top of them (by clearing them out from time to time), there is nothing inherently “bad” about cookies or cache.

The main goal of cookies and cache is to save your website preferences and allow websites that you view more frequently to load quicker. However, the problem is that sometimes sites that you don’t want add cookies to your browser. These cookies can then be read by social media platforms and used to display customized ads to everybody on your home network.

For example, let’s just say that you think you might be pregnant but you’re not ready to share it with the world yet… So, you do a little bit of Googling about the topic to find out more. The next thing you know, everybody in your house is seeing ads targeted towards pregnant individuals, and your secret is out.

So, while cookies aren’t necessarily bad, they can compromise your privacy.

So, Just How Private Is Google Chrome Incognito Mode?

Ultimately, Google Chrome’s incognito mode is not very private. While it’s a great way of hiding your browsing history from other people using your network or device, it does nothing to prevent other unwanted parties from viewing your internet traffic. With cybercrime on the rise, the real criminals are somewhere out in cyberspace, far away from you.

Your internet service provider (ISP) is the biggest snooper of all! They can watch everything you do on the internet, view every site you access, and every app you’re using… even if you’re using incognito mode! The biggest reason they monitor you is so they can tell when to “throttle” (slow down) your data. For example, if your ISP sees that you’re using a streaming service like Netflix or YouTube, they may purposefully slow your connection down.

Aside from your ISP, other malicious parties like hackers and scammers may also be able to view your internet data. Government agencies may also be tracking your online activity to see what sites you’re visiting and how you’re using the internet.

If you’re using a secure, password-protected wi-fi network, then hackers may not be able to see everything you’re doing. However, if you’re using an unprotected, open wi-fi network (i.e., at a public cafe), then everything you do online is open for the world to view.

Make Your Incognito Mode More Private With A VPN

Thankfully, there’s a simple and easy way to make your incognito mode more private and secure by using a safe, reliable VPN like some of the ones we’ve reviewed on our main page. While your device is connected to a VPN, nobody (not even your ISP or the government) will be able to peep into your internet data and see what you’re doing.

As long as you’re connected to a VPN server, all of your online data will be routed through a secure, encrypted server that’s protected with military-grade encryption, which is impossible to hack through.

Why A VPN Is Essential For Your Online Security

Hackers love to exploit devices that are connected to public wi-fi networks or unprotected networks. They can get into your device, execute man-in-the-middle attacks, view your personal data, and even try to embed malware on your device!

A VPN can prevent all of this by locking down your online activity and ensuring that you’re safe and secure while you browse.

Final Tips

Incognito mode isn’t designed to provide complete privacy and anonymity; it’s just designed to provide some minimal privacy from other people in your direct vicinity. If you want to remain completely anonymous and secure while you’re on the internet, then you’ll want to use a fast, secure VPN service like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost VPN while you’re in incognito mode.

Not only will this provide you with added security from snoopers but it can also keep you safe from hackers seeking to exploit your device or steal your identity!