How Does Bitwarden Work? Password Manager Review

How Does Bitwarden Work? Password Manager Review


Do you ever feel like you have too many passwords and logins for the internet? Sure, it may have been easy to keep track of them 15 years ago when all you had was a Gmail, MySpace, and Club Penguin… Now, the chances are that you have at least 20 to 30 different login credentials for different websites, apps, and platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, work applications, your Apple account, your Samsung account, Spotify… the list goes on and on for most people.

Unless you’re using the same email and password for each account (which is very unsafe, by the way), there’s absolutely no way that you can possibly keep track of all of those credentials.

That’s where having a password manager to keep track of all of your login credentials really comes in handy! Bitwarden happens to be one of the best in the industry. It’s ultra-secure, easy to use, and best of all – It’s Free!

Whether you’re still deciding whether or not a password manager is right for you, or if you’re just looking for a reliable, secure, and free password manager, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll be reviewing Bitwarden, going over some of its top features, and explaining exactly how Bitwarden works.

It’s time to create your vault!

How Does Bitwarden Work?

Bitwarden was created in mid-2016 as a safe a secure way to manage and store your passwords and login credentials. One of the coolest things about Bitwarden is that it’s free, open-source software. That means that it was designed in such a way that anybody can download the source code and use it to create their own password manager if they wanted to (sometimes we wonder how many other password managers on the internet are based on Bitwarden’s source code…).

In an age where almost every major software developer seems to be financially motivated, it’s nice to see that there are still developers who want to contribute to the overall well-being and development of the internet.

Bitwarden works by allowing a user to create a sort of vault, where all of their passwords and login credentials are stored. You can also store sensitive data, such as credit or debit card information and ID card numbers as well. You can even create secure, password-protected notes so that your office assistant isn’t able to snoop where they shouldn’t be.

All of these credentials are then protected by a single, ultra-secure password that the user creates. This means that all Bitwarden users really need to do is remember one password. Then, they can access all of their other passwords via their vault storage.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Is Bitwarden Safe?

One of the top questions we get about the password manager has been, “Is it really safe, though? What’s to stop a hacker from getting into my Bitwarden account and stealing everything?

Well, this is a fair question and one that’s definitely worth addressing. When it comes to storing all of your online passwords and credentials, you want to make sure that they’re being stored somewhere safe and secure.

Thankfully, Bitwarden is about as safe as it gets. The application itself is protected by military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. That means that your password is encrypted with the same technology that the NSA uses to encrypt their private data. To give you an idea of how strong AES 256 encryption is, it would take the world’s top-performing computer around 4,000 billion years to hack AES 256, even if they’re using brute force penetration software.

So, it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t have to worry about your Bitwarden account being hacked into. Bitwarden uses the same encryption that some of our top-rated VPNs use to keep your internet traffic secure and private.

That being said, it’s also your job to create a secure, hard-to-guess password. Make sure that you choose a unique password that doesn’t match any of your other passwords that could have been compromised in the past. Some other tips for creating a strong Bitwarden password include:

  • Use a combination of upper and lowercase letters.
  • Use numbers.
  • Use special symbols.
  • Use terms that aren’t at all related to you (e.g., not your dog’s name or your kids’ birthday).

How Much Does Bitwarden Cost?

As we mentioned, the best feature about Bitwarden is that it’s free. That’s right, anybody can visit the website or their phone’s app store and download it. That being said, the free version does have its limitations. It’s only a password storage app. When used in correlation with a low-cost VPN, though, you’ll be safer than 90% of internet users.

However, if you really want to get the full package, you can upgrade to a premium account for $10 per year! That makes it one of the cheapest password managers on the internet:
Bitwarden Cost

Can I Use Bitwarden For Teams or Businesses?

Bitwarden also offers business plans. These affordable plans allow small teams or large businesses to share passwords and login information through a single Bitwarden account. This is very useful if your company is operating virtually and you need to share important business software logins with your team:
Bitwarden For Teams or Businesses

Bitwarden: Top Features

Here are some of Bitwarden’s top features.

  1. Password Auto-Fill: Your Bitwarden app will automatically sense when a password input script runs on a page. It will offer you the choice to auto-fill your login credentials, saving you time. Just enter your main Bitwarden password when prompted.
  2. Secure Password Generator: Bitwarden has a password generator designed to create highly secure passwords for any situation.
  3. Password Send Feature: Securely transmit your passwords and login credentials to other Bitwarden users without safety risk.
  4. Password Strength Scanning: Bitwarden scans all of your passwords to detect weak passwords and will notify you if you should update or improve a certain password.
  5. Dark Web Password/Data Monitoring: Bitwarden regularly monitors and scans dark web marketplaces to see if your login credentials and passwords have been compromised and are being sold to scammers online.

Final Thoughts

Oh, and we forgot to mention that you can use Bitwarden on practically any device. Its cross-platform integration means that you can log in to your Bitwarden account from Linux, OSX, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You don’t have to pay any extra to use Bitwarden on multiple devices, either!

An encrypted password manager like Bitwarden is a great way to ensure that your online data stays safe and secure. When you use it in correlation with a secure VPN, you’ll be untouchable by hackers and other nefarious third parties who want your data.